Friday, November 1, 2013

Bye October,Hello November

                      Bye October: 

 Happy Late Halloween!!! Boooo! Okay so Halloween was so much fun this year for me,it was warm,I got tons of candy,and I had an awesome costume that surprisingly wasn't itchy. I was Catwomen this year,who I just looooove.I really think she is an amazing character who would be so much fun to write about because she is bad but not evil bad and then she is good but not hero good. She has to be one of my favorite comics book characters. 
                   And this is meh costume...

     So yeah,it was a nice October. I always love October,when the leaves change and the excitement of Halloween. 
Outstanding colors that fill the trees 
Costumes the are awesome 
Trick or treating 
Only one October 
Breezes the leave a chill 
Excellent taste Fall treats 
Random things we do in October 
                   Hello November!! 
Alrighty I call this Fall, Fandom Fall cause so many things came out this fall involving my fandoms such as.....

                 Which was outstanding...

                 Catching Fire 

                  And....One Direction's new album Midnight Memories

            So it's a Fandom Fall for me. And I'm really looking forward to November this year,I hope you all have a fantastic November! 


  1. OHMYGOSH. FANDOM FALL FOR ME TOOOO! :D I was awaiting all three of those releases myself! :D AND ONE DIRECTION?! I'm sorry, when I see that someone else likes them, there's just this switch inside of me that goes off and I get really excited! XD
    AND I LOVE YOUR COSTUME! :D It's so awesome! Mine was a fail. :p It was warm here too, but I didn't get a lot of candy. :p

    1. I know right!? It's Fandom Fall!! Ekkkk I totally know what you mean! When I hear One Direction,I explode inside and out. LOL They are just so talented! Aww I'm sorry and thank you very very much