Friday, November 15, 2013

Funny Moments #1

      Okay,so I have to say I'm a funny person and being a funny person lots of funny things happen to me. When these funny moments happen to me I tend to share them with people. Sharing is caring and caring is sharing. At that moment it doesn't seem too funny but when you look back on it,oh boy it is to die for funny. I have a ton of those moments where I'm just a nervous mess and everything is wrong and I just want to melt to the floor,but now I can't help but laugh at those moments. Okay so here is a classic move made by's time to share with you all......

                                       So it was a time where I was 13 years of age and being 13 means a lot. You're a teenager and it's time you grow up. But me,no no no, me no grow up....EVER. Well anyway my Mom and Mimi (Grandma) left me at my Mimi's house to watch over my little siblings and cousin. Easy,just turn on the TV and they won't be a problem. So an hour later me the babysitter got bored of watching my siblings and cousin watching TV,I had to do something before I died from being bored. I get up and start to wonder around the house and my Mimi is a very very picky person about her house,she likes it to stay nice. My younger cousin Samantha decided to follow me,you know cause I'm the babysitter. "What are you doing?" she asks me. "Finding something to do." I answer. After a loooooong 5 mins of looking for something to do I found an old old measuring tape that stretches 100 feet. Now a million thoughts are going through my head, "OOOOO 100 FEET OF MEASURING TAPE!" So I hand the measuring tape to Samantha and tell her "Here hold on to this and don't let go." So she stands there like a good little girl and hangs onto the measuring tape. I had a plan,a brilliant plan to stop me from being bored. I grab one end of the tape and start pulling the tape and going allllllll around the house seeing how far the tape can go. So the tape ends at 100 feet,I can see the 100 on the tape. Perfect I completed my task! I feel like I've just climbed Mt.Everest. I'm stretched the tape a 100 feet around the house. So my moment of success is over,it's time I roll the tape back up before My Mom and Mimi get home. Easy just slowly let go of it and it rolls it's self up. No.No. Nothing can be easy. This measuring tape doesn't do that. Nope. There is a little tiny reel on the measuring tape's handle. Okay so I take the handle from Samantha and start to reel as fast as possible. Okay okay it's working the tape is coming back. 98 feet it gets stuck. Panic mode. I'm just in full panic mode. The tape it stuck and it's warped all around the house and my Mom and Mimi are coming home any minute. I start yelling at myself "WHY COULDN'T I JUST SIT AND WATCH TV LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!?" I start to shove the tape back in it's handle. I just shove shove shove. It's working. But it's taking forever. This will never work,it's taking wayyyy too long. So I'm the boss right,I'm the babysitting. "EVERYONE GET OVER HERE AND HELP ME SHOVE THIS TAPE BACK!!" I yell. So we're all shoving the tape back. Okay tape is back where it belongs,the house is still standing,and I'm no longer bored. Perfect. Literally 2 mins after the tape mess was cleaned up my Mom and Mimi show up. I was this . Close to never being the babysitter again. That was one of the most stressful moments in my life. There was measuring tape everywhere!

      Now I look back at that moment and laugh at myself. It was pretty funny of me. So yeah,I hope you enjoyed this post and it hope it made you laugh or smile. THANKS FOR READING! 


  1. Oh my goodness! I know EXACTLY how that feels. That is so funny Lila!!!

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I just love making people laugh. I know right! PANIC MODE!!!! Happens to me all the time. Lol thanks for taking your time to read it!

  2. I just found your blog and I love it XD