Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday Mackenzie!!!!!

So, 17 years ago the world was blessed with my wonderful sister Mackenzie. She was born early and she was very very tiny. If you look back on her baby photos and look at her now,it's amazing how she's grown into a beautiful girl. Mackenzie isn't just some ordinary fangirl who has loooong beautiful red hair, she is my sister. And I could never replace a girl like her in my life. We laugh. We hug. We cry. We Fangirl. We eat. We love.  We grow. We Fangirl. (I think I already mentioned that) That does sound pretty ordinary,but it isn't. The way we do those things is different. The way we do them,I could never do with anyone else. I could remember when I was too young to pronounce Mackenzie wrong,so I would call her Kakez instead and she'd be like, "NO! It's Mackenzie!" and I would say, "No Kakez!" she would give up on trying to teach me how to say her name right. Kinda sounds like what I still do with book character's names. And I still call her Kakez at times and she lets me have my way. I think she has grown to like that name. When we were younger people us to think we were twins, it's pity we had to grow up and our looks have changed. I guess we all have to grow up at times.
      I love you Kakez very very very much. I know I don't say it a lot but I do. Even though you stabbed my eye with a fork when we were little. And I'm sure you still love me,even though I have bent your books,I've hit your tooth with a seat belt buckle,I got in your way when you were riding down the driveway on that play roller-coaster and you fell off and hurt your chin,I stained a few of your clothing items,and I know there is more,I just have to think. Anywho,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT YOU AND I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! DON'T WORRY I AM STALKING ANSEL FOR YOU AND YOU WILL MARRY HIM! I KNOW DADA WILL LOVE HIM! YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE BEST BIG SISTER IN THE WORLD! I WISH THERE WERE MORE WAYS I CAN DESCRIBE HOW BEAUTIFUL,WONDERFUL,TALENTED,SWEET,AND JUST AMAZING YOU ARE! YOU ROCK! HAVE A FANTASTIC 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!!


Friday, January 24, 2014


If we didn't have Memories, what would we hang on to? 
If we didn't have Memories what would we love?
Could we even love if we didn't have Memories...
Memories gives us confidence
Something to live for
A reason to keep moving 
Why we care so much 
Why we Love so much 
Why we cry 
Why we dream 
Why we fight 
Why we keep living on

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Can't Fix Something That Is Already Broken...

Every time I see her, I can't help myself but tell her she is beautiful.
She just laughs at me.
"I'm not joking." I say, but she still laughs anyway.
"Why?" She asks me in frustration.
"What?" I ask calmly.
"Why, do you bother with me, I am useless and I am messed up. Why me?" She spreads her arms out, almost like she is flying. Or trying to fly.
"Because...because I love you and you are beautiful."
"Stop saying that." She squeezes her lips together. "I am not beautiful, I am nothing." 
"Stop with that, you hurt me when you say stuff like that." Now I am frustrated
"James, you can't fix something that is already broken..." And she walks away.
I tell her she is beautiful...
I tell her she is my everything...
Maybe she is right...
You can't fix something that is already broken...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Call Me Crazy


                                                                    Call me crazy. 
For wanting more in life. Call me crazy when I start to cry over nothing. When I laugh at nothing. Call me crazy for caring for the smallest things. For saving the little things I find on my journey of life. Call me crazy for listening to the same song over and over again. For singing all the time. For trying to write my feelings and turning them into a song. Call me crazy when I scream and shut the world out. For still believing and holding on to dream.
Call me crazy. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Places to be...people to see.

Pick A Place

                                      This world we live in,it's so beautiful...
There are so many places out there that you can visit or discover. So many people out there waiting for someone. Someone like you. I just want to blindfold myself,grab a dart and throw it on the map,where the dart lands is where I will go. But it takes courage,strength,independence to go to these places. No one said you had to go alone,but no one said it would be easy. There will always be a home for you to go back to but do you really want to go back? So many But's when you look at things. There will always be But's. This world we live in,is your home. The people around the world you are the people you live with. While we are still living,let's go to these places,let's go visit these people. 
                                         There are places to be...people to see.
                                                                Let's fly...

Monday, January 13, 2014


Girl with guitar

The moment I heard her start playing her guitar I knew what song it was. Yellow by Coldplay.
I decide to move closer so I can see the girl singing. I move to a table that was right up next to the stage. I can see her fingers strum the guitar and her lips turn into a smile as she sings on. She looks to be about a little bit younger then me,not very tall but she stands like she is. Her long dark hair is in a messy bun and her eyebrows are thick and dark just like her hair. Her skin is pale and her icy blue eyes stand out the most. I couldn't stop staring at her,I don't know why, it just seems like she is drawing me in. She notices I'm staring at her and she smiles,I turn away blushing,but turn back to her when I know she's not looking at me. She is like a work of art,the more you look at her the more beauty you see. When she is done with the song I clap my hands what seems to be the loudest clap out of everyone. I decide to walk up to the sage and throw her $10 in her guitar case. There is about 12 1's and a couple 5 dollars.
        "Thank you." I hear a soft voice say. I look up to see it was the girl who was smiling at me. When she smiles I can see her dimples in her cheeks.
     I'm speechless,my stomach feels strange and warmness fills my cheeks. I'm frozen. On stage. Just staring at her. I'm so stupid.
        "Would you like to request a song?" She asks looking at me. She must think I'm crazy.
        "Yellow by Coldplay." I swallow hard.   
         "I just sang that song." She giggles. I'm such an idiot.  "Would you like me to do it again?" She asks picking up her guitar. I nod my head and return back to my seat.
     I feel so embarrassed and stupid. How can I just freeze up like that,I've been around lots of beautiful girls. But she made me feel different,she made me feel vulnerable.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Interview with Laura J

Hey guys! so everyone once in awhile I'm going to try and do an interview with people. I think it is a good way for me to get to know my Cupcakes better and for you guys to,so if you are ever interested just comment.

I have to say I feel in love with this girl's blog. It is soooo outstanding and when she said she would love to get interviewed it made me very very happy. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you............the one and only.............
Laura J    *claps*

So number's are me and L's are Laura J's answers. Kay,kay

1: What inspired you to do a blog?
L: I really just thought it would be fun, blogging, meeting people. But I never realized I"d meet such amazing people as I have!

2: How did you come up with the name of your blog? 
L:Well it was originally called Randocology, which was some sort of mix of the word Random. Though recently I've changed it to Ginger, considering my hair and that it's often my nickname :)

3: How long have you had your blog? 
L: Later this spring it will be two years! .. or three? (sounds awful I don't even keep track) But, it was in may I think :)

4: What inspires you to do your post? 
L:Usually something I heard or read that day or maybe earlier that week. Sometimes just a picture on instagram or pinterest will just blow my mind up with tons of ideas and all kinds of things.

5: If you can describe your followers in one word,what word would that be? 
L:Amazing! Though I don't have  many, I'm thankful for the ones I have :)

6: What is your current favorite song?
L: As hard as that is, I'm going to go with Story of my life! by the one and only one direction <3

7: What song describes you the best? 
L:That's really hard! I don't think i have a specific song.. or maybe I have too many! But sometimes it's like the style of several songs, or a certain sound that describes me more than the song itself, if that at all make sense.

8: If you could've written a song,what song would that be? 
L:mm that's hard. I honestly cannot think of answer for this one!

9: Favorite Singer? 
L:Harry Styles ;)

10: Favorite Band? One Directionn.. :)

11: What is your dream job? 
L:Well in long story short, I'd love to do something with orphanages and adopting, making it easier and cheaper for kids in America and kids in other countries to be adopted. Maybe setting up orphanages here in America and getting kids from other countries into the orphanages here in America so that the adopting parents wouldn't have to travel, plus, while staying here in America I'd teach them about Christ.

12: Are you left handed or right Handed? 
L:right handed!

13: Describe yourself at least in five ways.
L: i'm loud but quiet, i'm deep but shallow. i have a really bad temper, usually not at people but at things. I'm really strange and not what you expect when first meeting me. I have absolutely no talents other than the record that I hold of spending everyday on the couch.

14: If you could be anywhere in the world right now,where would you want to be?
L: Los Angeles, California <3

15: What are some things on your bucket list? 
L:I want to write a physical bucket list.. but in my head, I want to get married, go on a mission trip.. and I'd love to adopt one day.

16: What are your expectations of 2014?
L: I'm excited! Between church camp, turning 16, seeing onnnneee direcctiooonnn and getting to see my best friend, I can't wait.  :)

17: What was the craziest thing you've ever done? 
L:Well.. I'm not much of one to do anything interesting. I'm quite boring. But I once put a staple through my finger. Though, that was on accident.

18: What would you want to be doing in 5 years?
L: Hopefully getting married! ;) If not, just working or possibly in college. I don't really know much about my future right now.

19: What is your style?
L: Hmm. My styles is usally just whatever random thing that I like.. but anything really bright, big sweaters, skinny jeans or jeggings, booots. :)

20: If you could be locked in a store over night,what store would that be?
L: (for some reason this question cracked me up) a grocery store. I would just eat the whole night, but at the same time that's probably not a good idea. Maybe a mattress store with all the high tech mattresses. :)

21: What is your favorite book?
L: hmm the Bible ;)

22: Last book you read? 
L:the bible.. :) or for a more bookie book, Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. But I'm still working on it.

23: If you could be any book character who would you be? 
L:Oh goodness. That's hard. I'm not a big reader at all.. but you know it'd be fun to be Alice in Alice in wonderland.

24: If you can live in any book,what book would that be?
L: Either Alice in Wonderland, or the Hunger Games trilogy to be with my Gale.. but.. not such a happy ending in the whole deal there so..

25: What is your favorite color?
L: I love neons, so not exactly a certain color

26: What color eyes do you have? 
L:really.. really really dark brown :)

27: If you could change your hair
L:color,what color would that be? black! I would love dark dark black.. or like a bleach blondish.

28: What does your name mean?
L: Laura means Laurely Crowned.But i'm honestly not really sure what that means either.. something with royalty I think.

29: Night or Day? And why?  
L:I used to stay up till like four every night so I used to love night, but I think day now, because I love eating and watching tv all day.

30: When is your birthday?
L: March 17 :) St. Patricks day, and since I have red hair I get called a leprechaun. And because of that, they put me in the commercial for the hospital when I was born :)

31: Sweet or salty or both? 

32: Favorite time of the year? 

33: If you could live in any movie what movie what that be? 
L:Karate Kid or the Avengers.. or Thor.. or the Hunger Games..

34: What movie character describes you the most?
L: Charlie Brown. ;D

35: What is your favorite movie? 
L:I have a few! Hunger Games/Catching Fire, Karate Kid, and the Avengers. :)

36:Why is Harry so flipping amazing?
  L:now that one i'm still trying to figure out... ;) 

Well there you have it! Thanks for reading! Bye for now! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really busy these past couple weeks. I am horrible when it comes to this stuff...blogging and stuff. Whatever you call it. Anywho...for some reason I'm kinda glad to start a New Year,I'm sad 2013 is over and another year has gone by and that sort of thing. I really hope to do more in 2014,I always say how I'm gonna do this and how I'm gonna do that,but it never happens with me. Maybe if you guys want,comment and recommend some things I can do in 2014. I promise I will try and do them,cause you know I have a hard time saying NO to other people.

So here are some things I did in 2013.


1: Read 37 books. 
2: Went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina 
3: Went to Virginia 
4: Got a Blog
5: Had my 15'th Birthday 
6: Celebrated Mackenzie's beautiful sweet 16
7: Listed To Midnight Memories 
8: Held a horseshoe crab 
9: Saw Catching Fire  
10: Celebrated more birthday's 
11: Went to The Teen Book Festival 
12: Got two books signed by two awesome Writers 
13: Started writing a book a few times 
14: Lived 2013 

             I have a lot more,but I kinda wanted to stop at 14 meaning 2014.
Now Things I
m looking forward to in 2014.


1: Mockingjay Part 1
2: One Direction's new album
3: Read mooooore books 
4: More Birthday's to celebrate 
5: Amazing Spider Man 2
6: Divergent 
7: Captain America and The Winter Soldier 
8: Christmas 
9: See new places 
10: For my Mimi to get done with Chemo 
11: Another Summer 
12: Another Winter 
13: I really wanna finish writing a book 

So yeah,I did 13 because of 2013.
Well that pretty much sums it up,thanks everyone! I hope you had a wonderful 2013!