Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really busy these past couple weeks. I am horrible when it comes to this stuff...blogging and stuff. Whatever you call it. Anywho...for some reason I'm kinda glad to start a New Year,I'm sad 2013 is over and another year has gone by and that sort of thing. I really hope to do more in 2014,I always say how I'm gonna do this and how I'm gonna do that,but it never happens with me. Maybe if you guys want,comment and recommend some things I can do in 2014. I promise I will try and do them,cause you know I have a hard time saying NO to other people.

So here are some things I did in 2013.


1: Read 37 books. 
2: Went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina 
3: Went to Virginia 
4: Got a Blog
5: Had my 15'th Birthday 
6: Celebrated Mackenzie's beautiful sweet 16
7: Listed To Midnight Memories 
8: Held a horseshoe crab 
9: Saw Catching Fire  
10: Celebrated more birthday's 
11: Went to The Teen Book Festival 
12: Got two books signed by two awesome Writers 
13: Started writing a book a few times 
14: Lived 2013 

             I have a lot more,but I kinda wanted to stop at 14 meaning 2014.
Now Things I
m looking forward to in 2014.


1: Mockingjay Part 1
2: One Direction's new album
3: Read mooooore books 
4: More Birthday's to celebrate 
5: Amazing Spider Man 2
6: Divergent 
7: Captain America and The Winter Soldier 
8: Christmas 
9: See new places 
10: For my Mimi to get done with Chemo 
11: Another Summer 
12: Another Winter 
13: I really wanna finish writing a book 

So yeah,I did 13 because of 2013.
Well that pretty much sums it up,thanks everyone! I hope you had a wonderful 2013!



  1. wow... you looked like you had an awesome year. O-O

    1. Really? I had an awesome year because you were in it. Because personally it kinda stunk,with you know losing all those beautiful book characters

    Captain America is going to be weird, cause obviously, I mean it'l be about Steve but not back in the fifties or whenever the first one is I stink at history. SO anyways, I mean I guess it'l just be him like he was in Avengers but still, as for Captain America movies.. the two will be very different.
    was that english at all i'm not sure.
    ;* laura

    1. From what I saw in the trailer,it looks like they got it all set up like that. Like he with Sheild and stuff because he's with Black Widow. (Gosh I love her) but yeah I think it's gonna be just as good as the first one.

    2. I know right.. I'm 100% obsessed with Avengers. I went several months watching it 3-4 times a day. It's theeee best movie in existence. Up there with Catching Fire and Hunger Games of course ;)

    3. I know right! It is one of the best movies of all time. The Marvel Comics are also very interesting,although I think the movie Avengers is better then the comics from what I hear from my Brother. But yeah Catching Fire and Avengers are like my all time favorite movies. Amazing Spider Man is really good too! Ugh there are a lot of good movies

  3. I can't wait for the Captain America!!! It's gonna be awesome! :)

  4. Divergent, divergenntttt -le singy songy voice- Have I told you I'm excited for it yet? Because seriously, a movie that's not a horror film finally comes out on my birthday. {and, you know, it's great. besides the killing of VARIOUS BELOVED CHARACTERS} -screams at Veronica Roth-
    Even if Veronica Roth writes another book/series {which, she probably will; because thats what writers do}, I'm not sure if I could read it. I'm still stuck in Chicago, with Tobias and Tris and Uriah all frozen in place. Alive -shakes angry hand- -.-.

    1. Preach it girl preach it! I know right! I feel the same way,she is a young author she is bound to write another book...I'm really upset with her...I don't think I can even handle the movies...watching her die...*starts to cry* I can't do it. For a late birthday present I'm asking to go to Divergent,my birthday is on March 12th and it's gonna be meh sweet 16 so yeah my mom can't say no. He he he

    2. MARCH BABIES! -fist pump-
      Ugh one of my parakeets keeps biting the other one's foot. So the culprit is on my shoulder {time out}. Keet's not very happy {they actually make little fussy noises. It's rather funny.}
      {i'm not crazy, i promise. }
      2 minutes later: she's eating my brother's chicken nugget crumbs. Bad Keet.

    3. Oh gosh Madeline,you made my day! I always love reading what you have to say. You are just so epic! You always make my day and thank you for that. Your Parakeets are awesome! You're making me want one.

    4. Oh Lila, the feeling is mutual. I think you're awesome and I'm not sure what I'd do if I hadn't followed you!
      And I love my parakeets! They're amusing and oh so fluffy.

  5. Wow, so many amazing things you did :)
    I cannot wait for Mockingjay and Divergent!!!!

    1. Aww thanks! I know right! I'm excited but not excited cause I don't want then to end

  6. OK! so I'm really happy now because I finally found your blog. OOH in 2013 I love #7. And in 2014 I love #2 and #7 xD

    P.S. Thanks for always commenting on my blog, it really makes my day <3
    Brooke Jordan

    1. Oh my gosh you are wayyy too sweet,thank you very much I really appreciate it. Aww thanks! I just loooove midnight memories they did a fantastic job.