Thursday, January 16, 2014

Places to be...people to see.

Pick A Place

                                      This world we live in,it's so beautiful...
There are so many places out there that you can visit or discover. So many people out there waiting for someone. Someone like you. I just want to blindfold myself,grab a dart and throw it on the map,where the dart lands is where I will go. But it takes courage,strength,independence to go to these places. No one said you had to go alone,but no one said it would be easy. There will always be a home for you to go back to but do you really want to go back? So many But's when you look at things. There will always be But's. This world we live in,is your home. The people around the world you are the people you live with. While we are still living,let's go to these places,let's go visit these people. 
                                         There are places to be...people to see.
                                                                Let's fly...


  1. Oh...meh...gawsh... Lila!!!! This is so inspirational. <3 Thank you. Just thank you.

    I love you. <3


    1. Really? That means the world coming from you *hugs you* I love You I love you. You da best...