Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sunshine Award

Hello everyone! Thank you soooo much Les V  for giving me this award,you truly made me the happiest girl in the world! I feel so honored and I'm so excited to do this,I don't think I've ever done an award thing on blogger before,so here it goes,hope you all enjoy!

The rules are:
1. Thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog
2. Nominate other bloggers and let them know on their blogs
3. Answer a list of ten questions
4. The Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog

                                 Okay,here are my ten questions....

1: What is your dream job?
Being and has been my dream for as long as I can remember...I would love to take a character and bring them to life,I would love to make people smile,laugh,and cry (in a beautiful way),I would love to inspire people.

2: What are some of your goals for 2014?
To change someone's life in the best possible way,to finish writing a book,become closer to God,help change the world,learn how to play the guitar and preform one of my songs,be in a play,make someone very happy,go to a One Direction concert,meet someone famous have a youtube account,and many many many more things.

3: If you had three wishes,what would you wish for?

Hmmm,End world hunger,heal broken hearts,and help people who are in pain.

4: What was your favorite part about 2013?

Oh gosh..probably all the wonderful memories it left behind 

5: Where is your favorite place to go?

Barns and Nobles...I love that place soooo much and probably my Mimi's house 

6: What song describes you the most?

Probably Little Things by One Direction. I just love that song.

7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hmmm....5 years...I hope I will be doing something that helps everyone.

8: How would you describe yourself?

Funny,clumsy,competitive,friendly,giving,playful,and caring.

9: What is your inspiration?

Music...yeah music...

10: Did you have fun doing this post?

Yes,lots of fun! And I hope the people who I award finds it fun too!






                                       Sarah Vincent

                                          Laura J



Okay,I'm positive I have everyone! Thank you! Congrats girls!



Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Late Christmas

MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! I'm sooooo sorry about not posting about Christmas,I just have been really busy lately and I feel terrible. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and it was one to remember in the must beautiful way. I'm just sad it's already over and we have to wait a whole other year. Christmas always seems to sneak up on me though and I'm never ready for it. Anywho,I would LOVE to hear what you all got for Christmas so please comment what you got. Thanks!

                                                     WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS:
I got.....
A coat
A pair of pokadot boots
A pair RayBand Wayfarers sunglasses (THEY ARE SOOOOOOO COOL)
Something for my bed
A adorable plaid top
A Batman pullover
A Divergent T-Shirt
A One Direction T-Shirt (From my wonderful Brother Rylan)
A One Direction book
The One Direction movie This Is Us
A Catching Fire Pin
Maximum Ride books
A few Board Games
And my Cousin Kota is getting me something when he comes home.
 I got.....
A coat
A pair of pokadot boots
A pair RayBand Wayfarers sunglasses (THEY ARE SOOOOOOO COOL)
Something for my bed
A adorable plaid top
A Batman pullover
A Divergent T-Shirt
A One Direction T-Shirt (From my wonderful Brother Rylan)
A One Direction book
The One Direction movie This Is Us
A Catching Fire Pin
Maximum Ride books
A few Board Games
And my Cousin Kota is getting me something when he comes home. That pretty much sums it up. And a beautiful pillow from Morgan. Thank you Morgan so much,love you girly. That pretty much sums it up.

Displaying photo.JPG

Thanks Everyone! 

NEXT POST: Ekkkk I got a Sunshine Award from Les V !!!! Thanks sooo much!!! So I will post it next time hope you guys enjoy!
 Oh and look at the beautiful snow that my wonderful sister Mackenzie did for me!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

One Direction's New Music Video

First I would like to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful,talented,sweet,giving, Mama. My Mama has done so much for her family and never gives up,she is the best Mama to me and to all my wonderful siblings. I love you Mama and Happy Birthday,I know it was yesterday and I'm late. I appreciate all the things she has done for me,even though I don't act like it but I do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOVE YOU!

                                                     OH MY GOSH! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING OUT WITH A MUSIC VIDEO!!! I CAN NOT BREATH!!!!!!!

                                        Lofty new heights: One Direction film new scenes for their music video on Tower Bridge in London

Panoramic views: Harry Styles got a picture of London's skyline before the rest of the band turned upDon't jump! The boys were strapped into some harnesses to make sure they didn't fall off the famous suspension bridge




Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas Ladies

So I've been thinking a lot about giving gifts to some of my friends and sisters,but I'm broke. I have no money,nada,I really need a job. So I thought I can give them a virtual gift of some sort. So I thought Boys. I know it's a little strange,but hey we are fangirls,we are never normal. Let's start! 



                                               I'm giving you a GREAT BIG HUG! Cause I just love you that much! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



                                                                  Ansel Elgort.....He's all your's take him.. 
                                                                         Mansel is your ship name. Kay.Kay. Merry Christmas. 


                                               This took me a lot of thinking,but I really think that you and Max irons are perfect for each other 
                                                         Go on sweetie he's your's. Marah forever. Merry Christmas. 



                                                  Rose darling this was hard but I can totally see you two living happily together. Niall Horan 
                                                               Nose...yep ship that name totally. Have fun and Merry Christmas.


                              This was me hardest one I think,but after a looong shower and some thinking, You and Theo James my dear.

Thorgan. Okay I reallly stink at ship names. I hope you enjoy him sweetie. Merry Christmas!

OKAY! That pretty much settles it! But there is one more girl who I really thinks deserves a boy.  
I have the perefect boy for you. I know you say you can not stand One Direction,but deep down I know you got some sort of feels for them and this wonderful boy. Zayn 

Zeeli forever people! I know he is getting married to Parrie in all but hey we can all dream. Little....Neeli...Little Mix....Little Things....and he's kinda Little....

Well I hope you ladies enjoy *Hooks arm with Harry's* I will enjoy my Christmas with my boy Harry 

Larry...Oh come on shipping is fun! 



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Time

                                     It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year when everyone seems to be happy even if they are pretending to be. It's the time of year when you remember the ones you love. It's the time of year when God seems to be the closest to you.It's the time of year when miracles happen. It's the time of year when the little regrets in life disappear along with the leafs. Christmas time is the time of year when we bring all the little joys and happiness in our lives together. We bring family closer and heal the broken hearts with love and care. We care,we love,we cry,we feel pain,we feel joy,we give.
Christmas time is magical.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Blogger? HELP

                                Okay,so today I was hoping to do a post about Christmas and snow,but I go on my blog and all my followers are gone. Not like the number but I can't see them. I guess it's cause blogger is doing this thing with Bloglovin for your followers,it's just so confusing. Mackenzie and I are trying to figure out a way to get all our followers and all the people we follow on Bloglovin. Do any of you guys know how to do that. I'm just really confused and lost right now and well panicking. I m not good with all this tech stuff. So if any of you can help us that would be a HUGE HELP! Thank you all very much

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interview With Mackenzie

I would like to thank everyone for being such amazing,supportive Cupcakes (Followers). I can't believe I have 19 (He he  he eh Harry is 19)! Whoa. You guys just are outstanding! I really want to thank you all very very much,I get very very discourage very easily and you all have helped with that,with all your comments that make my day. And meeting fellow fangirls just brighten my day. Really,you all make my day. I hope you all in enjoy my blog and I love enjoying your's.

           So any way here is an interview with my flawless sister Mackenzie . Every day I get to be with her which I am soooo grateful about. I really couldn't live without her. She's helped me so much. She has such an amazing blog and she is an amazing BIG sister,she also is a wonderful HG Buddy with Rose,she also has two Tumblrs,a Pinterest,and she is a heck of a write.she also has her driver's test the 13'th. HOW THE HECK DOES SHE BALANCE EVERYTHING?! This girl is one busy bee. I would like you all to know the Mackenzie I know and love. I hope you all enjoy! 

MK= Mackenzie 
Numbers = Me 

1: What inspired you to do a blog?

 MK: Rose and boredom.

2: What made you come up with your blog's name?
MK:I don't know man, I don't know. I can be deep sometimes. •-•

3: What inspires you the most with your posts?
MK: Pinterest and/or Rose. •-•

4: Why are you such a great writer?

MK:Compared to a slug? I have no idea. 

5: If you can describe your Cookies in one word,what word would that be?

MK:hmm... I would have to say; Encouraging. :)

6: If you could change anything about your blog,what would the change be?

MK: The URL. >.<

7: What's your favorite thing to post about?

MK:I don't know... I would have to get back to you on that. •-•

8: What is your blogging schedule? (If you have one,which I know you do)

MK:Actually I don't really have one. I tried to have one but that kind of failed...

9: Describe yourself in three words.

MK:Nice. Quiet. Weird. 

10: If you could meet any book character who would she/he be? (I already know your answer he he he)


11: If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would he/she be?

MK:I would have to say Niall. •-•

12: Why is Josh so perfect?

MK:Because he's Josh Hutcherson, duh!

13: What are thoughts on cheesecake?

14: What is your style?

MK:pj's, pizza, and curls.

15: What do you want for your birthday? *hint hint*
MK:I want a fangirl squeal from you and a hug from Rose.

16: If you could trade clothes with anyone who would she be,or he but I highly doubt you would want boy clothes unless it's Josh's shirts.

MK:...Josh's shirts. •-•

17: What are most looking forward to?

MK:Finally seeing Catching Fire, the Divergent movie, and hugging Rose again.

18: How many fingers am I holding up?


19: Current favorite song?

MK:I never just have one favorite song darling, you know that.

20: Who would like to marry at the moment?

MK:Josh in an instant or Ansel. But then again, I am having some Niall and Harry feelz. •-•

21: Who would want as your maid of honor?

MK:I know why you're asking me this question.

22: If you could eat anything right now what would you eat?

MK:I was going to say cheesecake thanks to you, but I can kind of go for some pizza right now.

23: Current favorite Movie?

MK:Again, I don't just have one favorite movie. Right now there's The Host, The Amazing Spider-Man, but I haven't seen Catching Fire yet so...

24: Why is One Direction so flawless?

MKBecause they only go one direction.

25: Favorite book of 2013?

MK:2013 isn't over yet, but I may have to go with... either The Fault in Our Stars or The Host. Probably TFIOS since I had been dying to read it.

26: What do you think every girl should have?


27: Where do you see yourself in 12 years?

MK:Same position I'm in now. Laying on my left side, staring at a computer screen while dreaming of eating pizza. 

28: Favorite book of all time?

MK:UGH, Y U GOTTA ASK ME THAT-- The Hunger Games. ...What? It made me love reading. •-•

29: What do you want to be when you grow up?

MK:All I know is that I want to do something that will make people happy or inspired.

30: What is the highlight of your life in 2013?

MK:Hugging Rose.

31: What is your BIGGEST dream?

MK:Out of all the many dreams I have? Honey, how could I possibly pick one? I will have to say for you, Rose, and I to have our own house where we can express all the fangirl feelz we have without anyone judgin'. •-•

32: If you could have any super powers,what would they be?

MK:Flying or something that can transport me somewhere easily.

33: Who is your favorite Author(s)?

MK:John Green, Suzanne Collins, Kiera Cass, Veronica Roth ( *hisses* that evil woman*).

34: What are your expectations for 2014?

MK:I have no expectations anymore. 

35: What song describes you the most?

I have suddenly forgotten every song I've come to know. >.< ( in other words; I'm having a brain fart. )

36: If you could go back in time for any day of your life what day would that be?

MK:September 13th 2013. That way I could make sure Rose never left my side ever again.

37: Do you think Monkey Diet could ever be a real band? *Hint Hint* Hey it could be a great backup plan.

MK:Psh, totally. With your voice and my guitar skills, we can change music history. •-•

38: What would you never change about yourself?

MK:My hair.

39: Favorite Name?

MK:At the moment: Tobias.

40: Why are you so amazing and just an outstanding girl? Please give me a real answer...

MKBecause-- Oh look, there's Josh! •-• ( *cough* I'm not amazing or outstanding, she's lying to you all. )


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Catching Fire

Flawlessness people. Just flawless. So Friday I went and saw Catching Fire with Mackenzie and my Dad. Highlight of my year: Holding hands with Mackenzie the whole time. Yes I crushed her tiny fingers and her hand but I couldn't help it. When I let go of her hand it felt like I was taking off a glove for the first time in my life. Feels,just bad feels. Perks of being homeschooled,we got to go when there was no one,just three other people were there. I have to give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. There was non stop suspense through out the movie and including the book. I have to say that this was JUST like the book,yes they skipped a few parts that I wish were in there *Cough Cough* When Peeta Braided Katniss's hair on the rooftop. But the truth is this is the closest thing to the book. When Finnick gave Peeta CPR was the most heart stopping moment . I was on the edge of my seat when I read the book and watched it in the movie. GREAT JOB BOYS!! Haymitch and Effie are just wayy to cute and funny,their faces when Peeta said he was gonna donate the money. Priceless. Johanna was oh my gosh out of the world fantastic,her humor and her spunk made the movie. They did a wonder job casting her. Finnick. NO WORDS. Oh my gosh his voice. When he screams Annie. That was the end of me. Sam is perfect. Nuff said. Over all ...GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! *Claps* Fantastic! Now I hope you enjoy these pics from Pinterest and Tumblr.

RIP Cinna,I really do miss you. His death was really hard


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Things You Gotta Love #1

So yeah November is over,so is NaNoWriMo.I didn't finish a book,I just started one,it's reaaaaalllly boring. My word count was 45965 not too bad. I have to say though,I really miss my pressure of having to write everyday a d thinking of what should happen next. I love pressure. Not the pressure from other people but on myself. I will continue my story,I just have to put more pressure on myself. I'm sorta stuck right now,I know my ending,I just can't find the right words. 


                                             MOVING ON....

There are a few small things I tend to enjoy in my day and here they are....


It is how I live,It is how I breath,It is my way of life. It is my coffee,my energy.  When I see something I love,it's a full on Fangirl attack that will last me 10 hours worth of energy. Last night I heard Story Of My Life on the radio,couldn't sleep at all. Wayyy too much energy. I was laying in bed forever with a BIG ball of energy inside of me. Yep. That's how I roll.

                                                   Going To The Store


                                                I did that,yep that was me and the store people changed it back the next day. I WORK HARD ON THAT!!! I had to find all five boys in One Direction! People just don't get me.

                                                             Baby lips 

I love this stuff.

                          Okay,thats all for now. Thanks everyone! Bye Bye!