Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interview With Mackenzie

I would like to thank everyone for being such amazing,supportive Cupcakes (Followers). I can't believe I have 19 (He he  he eh Harry is 19)! Whoa. You guys just are outstanding! I really want to thank you all very very much,I get very very discourage very easily and you all have helped with that,with all your comments that make my day. And meeting fellow fangirls just brighten my day. Really,you all make my day. I hope you all in enjoy my blog and I love enjoying your's.

           So any way here is an interview with my flawless sister Mackenzie . Every day I get to be with her which I am soooo grateful about. I really couldn't live without her. She's helped me so much. She has such an amazing blog and she is an amazing BIG sister,she also is a wonderful HG Buddy with Rose,she also has two Tumblrs,a Pinterest,and she is a heck of a write.she also has her driver's test the 13'th. HOW THE HECK DOES SHE BALANCE EVERYTHING?! This girl is one busy bee. I would like you all to know the Mackenzie I know and love. I hope you all enjoy! 

MK= Mackenzie 
Numbers = Me 

1: What inspired you to do a blog?

 MK: Rose and boredom.

2: What made you come up with your blog's name?
MK:I don't know man, I don't know. I can be deep sometimes. •-•

3: What inspires you the most with your posts?
MK: Pinterest and/or Rose. •-•

4: Why are you such a great writer?

MK:Compared to a slug? I have no idea. 

5: If you can describe your Cookies in one word,what word would that be?

MK:hmm... I would have to say; Encouraging. :)

6: If you could change anything about your blog,what would the change be?

MK: The URL. >.<

7: What's your favorite thing to post about?

MK:I don't know... I would have to get back to you on that. •-•

8: What is your blogging schedule? (If you have one,which I know you do)

MK:Actually I don't really have one. I tried to have one but that kind of failed...

9: Describe yourself in three words.

MK:Nice. Quiet. Weird. 

10: If you could meet any book character who would she/he be? (I already know your answer he he he)


11: If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would he/she be?

MK:I would have to say Niall. •-•

12: Why is Josh so perfect?

MK:Because he's Josh Hutcherson, duh!

13: What are thoughts on cheesecake?

14: What is your style?

MK:pj's, pizza, and curls.

15: What do you want for your birthday? *hint hint*
MK:I want a fangirl squeal from you and a hug from Rose.

16: If you could trade clothes with anyone who would she be,or he but I highly doubt you would want boy clothes unless it's Josh's shirts.

MK:...Josh's shirts. •-•

17: What are most looking forward to?

MK:Finally seeing Catching Fire, the Divergent movie, and hugging Rose again.

18: How many fingers am I holding up?


19: Current favorite song?

MK:I never just have one favorite song darling, you know that.

20: Who would like to marry at the moment?

MK:Josh in an instant or Ansel. But then again, I am having some Niall and Harry feelz. •-•

21: Who would want as your maid of honor?

MK:I know why you're asking me this question.

22: If you could eat anything right now what would you eat?

MK:I was going to say cheesecake thanks to you, but I can kind of go for some pizza right now.

23: Current favorite Movie?

MK:Again, I don't just have one favorite movie. Right now there's The Host, The Amazing Spider-Man, but I haven't seen Catching Fire yet so...

24: Why is One Direction so flawless?

MKBecause they only go one direction.

25: Favorite book of 2013?

MK:2013 isn't over yet, but I may have to go with... either The Fault in Our Stars or The Host. Probably TFIOS since I had been dying to read it.

26: What do you think every girl should have?


27: Where do you see yourself in 12 years?

MK:Same position I'm in now. Laying on my left side, staring at a computer screen while dreaming of eating pizza. 

28: Favorite book of all time?

MK:UGH, Y U GOTTA ASK ME THAT-- The Hunger Games. ...What? It made me love reading. •-•

29: What do you want to be when you grow up?

MK:All I know is that I want to do something that will make people happy or inspired.

30: What is the highlight of your life in 2013?

MK:Hugging Rose.

31: What is your BIGGEST dream?

MK:Out of all the many dreams I have? Honey, how could I possibly pick one? I will have to say for you, Rose, and I to have our own house where we can express all the fangirl feelz we have without anyone judgin'. •-•

32: If you could have any super powers,what would they be?

MK:Flying or something that can transport me somewhere easily.

33: Who is your favorite Author(s)?

MK:John Green, Suzanne Collins, Kiera Cass, Veronica Roth ( *hisses* that evil woman*).

34: What are your expectations for 2014?

MK:I have no expectations anymore. 

35: What song describes you the most?

I have suddenly forgotten every song I've come to know. >.< ( in other words; I'm having a brain fart. )

36: If you could go back in time for any day of your life what day would that be?

MK:September 13th 2013. That way I could make sure Rose never left my side ever again.

37: Do you think Monkey Diet could ever be a real band? *Hint Hint* Hey it could be a great backup plan.

MK:Psh, totally. With your voice and my guitar skills, we can change music history. •-•

38: What would you never change about yourself?

MK:My hair.

39: Favorite Name?

MK:At the moment: Tobias.

40: Why are you so amazing and just an outstanding girl? Please give me a real answer...

MKBecause-- Oh look, there's Josh! •-• ( *cough* I'm not amazing or outstanding, she's lying to you all. )



  1. NOOOOO Harry's mineeee..... And Connor, Ansel, Jack ( and Finn), the rest of One direction, Tobias, Jace, AND ESPECIALLY WILLIAM HERONDALE. Now, Lila, this is serious.... Will you help me kidnap all of these boys? -.- ;D

    1. It would be my BIGGEST honor to help you kidnap these boys *solutes*

  2. Hi Lila! I love your blog! just seeing your header alone.. i dunno its like really inspiring.. haha ;) it makes me want to write.
    anyways, i don't know if you do interviews often but it'd be so fun to do one time! if you'd like ;)

    1. Oh my gosh you made my day! Rose made it for me! She is amazing. Thank you so much! You know what I was thinking about doing one once a month. So I would love to do one with you! I just looked at your blog and oh my gosh it's soo beautiful!