Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Direction - Story of My Life

      This is such a beautiful music video. I just can't even.....
They all are growing up so fast,it's amazing how far they've come. I'm very proud and happy for them.

                  It's Little Things all over again.

               I just can't even describe how outstanding they are.

All five of them have change my life in the most beautiful way.

Yes they are famous and millions of people love them,but to me they aren't just some other boy band who everyone loves. They are me.

      They sing the songs of the things I want to be told. And it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who wants to hear these things too.

They make me laugh,cry,scream,and they make my day.

Thank you One Direction. Thank you Harry,Niall,Louis,Zayn,and Liam.

I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do. Thank you.


  1. Ugh this video made me so emotional! :'( XD They are absolutely amazing and yes, I do believe it is Little Things all over again. :)
    I love how their music changes with them over time (even though it means they're growing up *sobs*) and I really really love their new sound! :D I can't wait for Midnight Memories to come out, my sister and I are going to buy the Target deluxe version :)
    Really enjoying your blog, Lila! :D

    1. YES!!!!!! I couldn't agree with you more,I do love how their music is slowly growing up with them and it is also growing up with the fans too. And it is sad watching them grow up *sniffles*. LUCKY!!!! I must get Midnight Memories,I have Take Me Home,I got it for Christmas last year. Aww you are just so sweet thank you soo much! You made my day! Thank you for reading!

  2. My sister and I have saved up so much money trying to get tickets to one of their concerts when they release their tour dates in the US for next year. And neither of us even have steady jobs. That's pretty much where all our money goes these days, into savings. And they keep coming out with other stuff too. -_- I'm just like "CAN YOU JUST NOT DO THIS PLEASE?! I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY LEFT!" haha
    I got Take Me Home for Christmas last year too! :D That's so cool! :D
    Anytime! :D I truly love your blog! <3 :)

    1. Oh my gosh! Good for you girls! I really really hope you get to go to one! I really want to go to one its just they will probably never come to where I live. I totally know what you mean! LOL thats soo cool! Awww you are wayyyy too sweet I can't thank you enough

    2. aww I know it stinks to see other people planning to go to concerts when you can't. :( Yeah, we're already planning on having to drive at least an hour or two to get to one. Maybe more. But we're dedicated, and we decided if we're ever going to one of their concerts, we have to start saving up sometime, so we started in August and we have close to $400 currently. :)
      Also, do you have a favorite in the band? ;)
      :) Hope you're having a wonderful day! :D

    3. OH MY GOSH! YOU GIRLS ROCK! I really really hope you get to go! All their concerts look like soo much fun! I would do anything to get to go to one.
      I use to not have one and I still don't really have a special one. but I must say Im a total Niall and Harry girl,something about them makes me die inside. But zayn does have a tattoo of my birthday 3/12/12,its when they preformed in NYC.I like them all in so many different ways like
      Louis: How he is soo funny and how he treats girls
      Zayn: His out look n life and his amazing advice
      Liam: How calm and gentle he is
      Niall: How he is so nice to all his fans and is just the snowflake out of everyone,I love how he plays the guitar and how he is Irish
      Harry: I love his voice and his sweetness and his little jokes he tells,I love the things he says that make me die inside.he is just amazing

    4. aww thanks :)
      That's so awesome! :D I didn't know he had that tattoo! (it's hard to keep up now! :p )
      I agree, I love all of them for so many different reasons. :D
      You are such an awesome to talk to. :D just sayin' :)

    5. I know right! It is getting very very hard to keep track. I really do just love them all and how different they are from each other. Aww really? You think so? Gosh I don't know what to say.Thank you so much! And I'm really enjoying talking to you,it's nice to know a fellow Directioner

  3. Hey check out my latest blog post! It has to do with Story of My Life!!!!!!!!!