Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Harry!

Oh my goody gosh Harry, I can not believe you are already 20! Boy how the years fly by. Sadly now we are 5 years apart *sobs*.
I want to thank you Harry,for everything he has done for me and everyone.  Harry makes us feel special and he makes us love who we are. Which is very hard thing for us to do. He inspires us and always make us smile. No matter how bad my day is going he really knows how to cheer me up. Harry has the best gifs and funny moments that we all can relate to. And his tweets,I can read them over and over again and they still will make me smile. There are so many reasons why I love Harry and wish to thank him for what he has done to my life. I shall thank him in pictures......

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             Thank you Harry for Little Things...

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Thank you Harry for giving to others.

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Thank you Harry for always looking so good

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Thank you Harry for your lovey voice

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Thank you Harry for your Vines

Thank you Harry for your smile.

Thank you Harry for your smile.

Thank you Harry for not taking some thing serious 

Thank You Harry for not being afraid to be you

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Thank you Harry for this ^^^^
Just thank you 

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                                      Thank you Harry for not being shy.

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Thank you Harry for not being afraid to dance

Thank you Harry for your love towards the Lads

Harry & Baby Harry NOPE

 Thank you Harry for Staying beautiful.

Happy Birthday I love you very much. 


Pics from Pinterest and Google


  1. Beautiful post, Lila! I love it soooo much, and I think we all need to just stop and thank them for all they have done for us sometimes :') <3 Love you have a beautiful heart!


    1. You know what Noelle,I couldn't agree with you more. We all need to take a moment and just think about what they've done for us. How happy they make us. Thank you so much,you are just so sweet. You truly made my day. I really can not stop smiling and thank you for that. I love you too girly very much.

  2. This post is going to make me cry. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW OLD MY HARRY IS!!! There are no more teenagers in the band anymore *sobs*!!!

    1. Oh my gosh I know I know I know *sobs* It's sooooo sad!!!! So more teenage lads. Why do they have to grow up!?

  3. Aww this was such a sweet post Lila! ^_^ Our Harrehh is 20 now *sobs* They grow up so fast. :')

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog! :D
    xx Sarah

    1. Oh my gosh Thank you SOOO much! You are just too sweet! I have catch up on blogger,I've been off for a few days.